The Classroom Experience

Modern technology driven tools are used in a Classroom based environment for delivery of training to achieve Learning & Capacity Building. Learners benefit from veteran instructor's vast experience, case studies & group discussions. One-to-one interactions includes Group discussions and sharing of experiences by industry experienecd instructors.

Customized Content

Precise content tailored for your needs, creating a unique advantage that ensures focused learning. We customise 100% content for classroom modules to address group's specific requirements. You select topics & We augment content as well as the instructor with experience in the same domain, to deliver classroom session. Content for each session is meticulously customised, we dig into our content data bank having thousnads of slides; interactive modules and audio-video content; plus augmnet creating session specific add-Ons.

Optimum Value

GVF's award winning program expands to address many facets of Satellite Communication. High-end Advanced Satellite System Engineering. Thus, add value to the organisation's need by enhancing work force competency, their performance, service quality, efficiency and productivity. Helps in opening up minds for innovative strategy; implement best practices and performance consistency of hybridised networks.

Globally Acclaimed Faculty

Domain Knowledge Experts Deliver Classroom Sessions. These empaneled trainers at MBC, has long standing hands-on industry experience, tasked to conduct onsite sessions. Our instructors guide participants with their own field experience on every facet of Satellite Communication. Starting with overview for new entrants in the industry, to high end advanced satellite system engineering. Covering Ground Segment, Space Segment & Applications. These resources are upto date with latest technology and it's innovations.

GVF Classroom Training are Complementry to GVF Online Training Modules.

Why Choose Us ... Benefits & Diffrentiating Value Add

  • We create effective training programs, 100% customised.
  • Achieve focused and targetted learning to build capacities.
  • Dedicated high end domain knowledge expert resources, deliver and mentor training on-Site.
  • All our trainers and instructors have long experience working in the industry.
  • Learners benefit from instructors' extensive experience
  • Curriculum designed includes rich multimedia contnet, delivered onsite in a professional classroom environment
  • Ensures keeping in pace with todays' innovations.
  • Successful attendees are awarded, Globally Benchmarked, Prestigious & Coveted, GVF Certificate of Completion for the specific topics covered.
  • Our Most Popular Topics



    Satellite Orbit & types of orbits, Kepler's Laws, Fundamentals of Ellipses, Orbital Parameters, Properties of Geostationary orbits, Communication with Geosynchronous satellites. Station keeping and Orbital Effects.

    Noise & Distortion

    Noise & Distortion

    Introduction to Noise & Distortion, Transmission Encoding & Decoding, Atmospheric Noise, Atmospheric Attenuation, Sky Noise, Receiving System Noise, Noise Figure, Measurement of Noise Figure, Antenna Noise Temperature, G/T, Measuring G/T etc..

    Link Budget

    Link Budget

    In satellite communication systems, there are two types of power calculations. Those are transmitting power and receiving power calculations. In general, these calculations are called as Link budget calculations. The unit of power is decibel.



    Introduction to signals, Modulation, Nyquest Sampling Theorem, Quantizing, Quantizing Law, Multiplexing, Shannon's Limit, Digital Modulation, Channel Coding, Modern FEC Schemes and Phase Noise.

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